What Are Some Tips for Potty Training Puppies?


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Tips for potty training a puppy include establishing a routine, rewarding the puppy, confining or supervising the puppy, being consistent and having patience. Never punish a puppy for having an accident in the house.

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Pick a designated bathroom spot outside so your puppy gets used to going there. Make frequent trips to the bathroom spot. Use a word or phrase that signals going to the bathroom to help build the routine. A consistent feeding schedule helps establish a consistent bathroom schedule.

Using a short leash to keep your puppy connected to you at all times allows you to notice when the puppy has to go to the bathroom and reduces accidents in the house. Confining the puppy to a small space when you can't provide supervision also reduces the chances of an accident.

If your puppy has an accident, stop the puppy, and take it outside. A noise to startle but not scare the puppy helps stop the act. Punishments for accidents only make the puppy afraid and may interfere with potty training.

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