What Are Some Tips for Making Food Plots for Deer?


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Some tips for making food plots for deer include picking the location of the shooting stand first, considering prevailing wind direction, ensuring correct sizing and providing cover for the deer to feel safe. It is also helpful to locate the plot near existing bedding areas for deer and to diversify the food crops in the plot.

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When choosing where to create a food plot, a hunter should decide on the location of his tree stand before beginning work on the food plot itself. Every decision about the food plot should increase the ability to hunt deer from the tree stand. The food plot should be between half an acre and two acres so that it is large enough to attract deer without being so large that the deer are out of range while feeding.

The prevailing wind direction ideally blows across the food plot onto the hunter so that no animal in the food plot picks up the hunter's scent. If downwind positioning of the tree stand is not possible, then perpendicular positioning is acceptable. The plot must be relatively open to enable shooting sight lines, but it needs cover at the boundaries, such as a row of pines or tall brush, so that the animals do not feel exposed.

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