What Are Some Tips for Locating French Bulldog Breeders?


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The best way to locate French Bulldog breeders is through the American Kennel Club or the French Bulldog Club of America. Although both have breeder listings, the French Bulldog Club of America has strict standards for inclusion, so it may be easier for buyers to find a responsible breeder.

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Although some French Bulldog breeders advertise their litters in newspapers, buyers should generally avoid these listings because they are often used by inexperienced or unethical breeders. Reputable breeders also do not sell their puppies in pet stores.

Most breeders have websites, but they may be small or poorly designed. Extensive, flashy and professionally designed websites may be a sign that the breeder is a puppy mill. Websites that allow buyers to purchase a puppy online without being interviewed by the breeder are another sign that the breeder may be unethical. Good breeders also generally specialize in only one or two breeds, so buyers should be wary of breeders who advertise puppies of varying breeds.

Dog shows are another good place to meet breeders. Good breeders show their dogs because they are trying to improve the breed. Buyers can visit local dog shows and see which dogs do well and which ones the buyer likes and then talk to the owners of those dogs.

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