What Are Some Tips for Keeping Pets in an Apartment?


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A tip for keeping a pet in an apartment is to ensure that the animal is entertained so he does not become bored, aggressive or disruptive to neighbors. It’s also important to protect a pet from falling off a balcony by ensuring proper protective measures are taken. Additionally, allocating a specific space in the apartment for a pet to rest in helps to prevent the spread of pet hair and odor onto chairs and other furniture.

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Providing a pet with several different treats and toys to play with helps to stimulate him while in an apartment environment. Additionally, hiring a dog walker or taking the animal to a day care facility is helpful to ensure the animal gets adequate exercise despite not having a yard to play in. Grassy patches and training pads are also helpful for certain types of pets to use for going to the bathroom on in an apartment when they cannot go outside.

It’s important to keep a pet safe either by preventing him from accessing an apartment balcony altogether, or by installing acrylic sheets or garden fencing to protect against falling off of or through a balcony railing. Additionally, pets can be kept safe from eating toxic and poisonous plants by preventing access to them or by not keeping them in the apartment.

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