What Are Some Tips for Identifying Insect Names Using Pictures?


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One useful tip when identifying insect names using pictures is by using online insect identification guides. Another tip to identify insect names is to use insect identification apps designed and created by professionals, college students and insect enthusiasts.

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Online guides, such as InsectIdentification.org and those provided by the department of agriculture and entomology of some universities and colleges, are helpful when identifying insects through images. The Texas Agrilife Extension has an insect identification tool that features a wide array of images and descriptions of insects.

Insect Orders, an insect ID app, allows users to identify insects by dividing them into orders, including the number of wings, the number of forelegs and the insect's shape. The application is designed to identify common insects in their adult forms in Australia, though it may be helpful in locating insects under the same order.

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