What Are Some Tips for Identifying Biting Insects?


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Tips for identifying biting insects include looking at the bites on the animal's skin or browsing Texas A&M AgriLife Extension's biting insect guide for visuals and descriptions. For instance, a flea is a very small, brown or black wingless pest that causes red, swelling lesions, according to Texas A&M and petMD.

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What Are Some Tips for Identifying Biting Insects?
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A tick is another common type of biting insect that attaches to an animal's ears, head or flanks and sucks blood until it becomes several times larger than its natural small size, explains petMD. Ticks are dangerous because they can transmit disease. Mites are another type of biting pest, but because they are so small, an owner needs to identify them through symptoms rather than visually. For example, a dog infested with mites loses hair and develops skin lesions along its body that ooze and turn crusty.

Mosquitoes are common pests that bite through the skin to reach the blood, causing raised bumps and itching in the pet, notes petMD. Mosquito bites alone are usually not accompanied by any other serious symptoms. However, mosquitoes can carry diseases such as the West Nile virus, advises Texas A&M. These pests can be identified through their thin, spindly legs and long stinger, states Christine Bahls for Everyday Health.

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