What Are Some Tips for Housebreaking Puppies?

Some tips for housebreaking puppies are to establish a routine and make sure to supervise your puppy. Similar to babies, most puppies do best with a schedule for eating, playing and eliminating waste, and keeping a close watch on your puppy lessens the chance of accidents occurring in your household.

Establishing a routine includes taking your puppy outside often and picking a bathroom spot outside. Puppies should be taken outside around every two hours and immediately after she wakes up, eats and after all playtime. Picking a spot helps your pet become familiar with the process. Be sure to use a word or phrase that the puppy can understand and relate to the experience, such as "potty time" or something similar so that you can eventually use that right before it's time to go outside. Playtime should be saved until after the pet has eliminated.

It is also important to reward your puppy after she goes outside, just as long as it's done immediately after. Don't wait until you get back inside to reward your puppy, as rewarding her instantly is the only way to teach her what is expected of her. Praising her too soon may cause her to forget to eliminate.

Finally, accidents will happen. The best thing to do is to immediately halt the action, and take the puppy outside to her bathroom spot. Then, praise her after she's finished. Punishing your puppy is not advised, as it's often too late for the correction once the puppy has started eliminating.