What Are Some Tips for Heating a Dog House?

Some tips for heating a dog house are to insulate the dog house, to raise the house a little off the ground and to utilize a front flap for access. Also, a heated pad can be used in the house and/or a heating lamp can be installed at the top of the house.

A house used for the dog in the winter should be heavy-duty and made of hard plastic, tall enough for the dog to be able to sit up and long enough for it to be able to stretch comfortably. Because most heat escapes the house from the floor, raising the house just a few inches off the ground is effective, while most insulation should be placed at the floor.

In terms of insulation, some materials that can be laid at the base of the house include wood shavings, a mattress pad and/or layered straw. To further increase the heat in a dog house, a microwavable warming pad or heating pad rated for kennels can be purchased. Kennel-rated heating pads are durable as the cord is wrapped in steel, preventing the dog from chewing on it. Installing a heating lamp at the top of the dog house is effective too, but keep in mind if it is placed too close to the dog it can cause skin problems.