What Are Some Tips for Finding Free Pugs to Adopt?


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One tip for finding free pugs to adopt is to wait for adoption events from local animal shelters, pounds and the animal services department of your city, and then check if some of the participating shelters have adoptable pugs. Another tip is to adopt an older pug from a shelter or rescue group.

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Most adoption events waive or discount the adoption fees of animals to increase the adoption rate in shelters and to open more admissions to other animals that needed rescuing. The Mayors Alliance for NYC's Animals, for example, brings together animal welfare groups to promote dog adoption. Its website shows an adoption event calendar that provides information on future pet adoption events in New York City. Maddie's Fund, a non-profit organization that pays for the adoption fees of each animal adopted during its two-day adoption event. Hundreds of animal shelters and pounds participate in these events, increasing the chances of adopting a pug for free.

Some animal welfare organizations, such as humane society locations, rescues and animal care departments of local governments, often allow individuals aged 60 and older to adopt a dog for free. Most of the adoptable dogs may be older than 5 years old, but they are already spayed/neutered, vaccinated and treated of any medical issues. Most rescues also offer older dogs for a more affordable price to encourage interested adopters to adopt an adult or senior dog.

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