What Are Some Tips for Finding Miniature Bunny Rabbits for Sale?


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Miniature rabbits can be found for sale on breeder websites and through local humane or rabbit rescue societies. You can also search online livestock or pet-for-sale sites or local newspaper classified sections for people who are selling miniature rabbits. Ask your veterinarian if she knows of any breeders in the area, or contact your local cooperative extension service for 4-H members that breed miniature rabbits.

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For the best luck at finding healthy, well-bred miniature rabbits for sale, first start by asking your veterinarian for suggestions. If that doesn't give you leads, contact your local cooperative extension service for information. The livestock extension agent can give you the names of reputable miniature rabbit breeders that also exhibit the rabbits at 4-H shows. Your local humane society or rabbit rescue group may also have miniature rabbits up for adoption. You can be assured these rabbits have been given excellent veterinary care.

Miniature rabbits offered for sale online or through newspaper classifieds need to be carefully screened. Make sure you visit the rabbitry where the bunnies were bred or housed. The room or barn along with cages should be clean, all rabbits should be healthy, and there should be plenty of food and water available at all times. This also applies to pet rabbits that are offered for sale. You do not want to purchase a sick rabbit. Avoid purchasing rabbits from livestock swap meets or auctions as you are unable to examine their normal living conditions.

You can also attend local rabbit shows. These generally take place at fairs or 4-H livestock exhibit demonstration gatherings. In addition to finding breeders, you can see the various breeds of miniature rabbits.

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