What Are Some Tips for Finding Free Manx Kittens?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Free Manx Kittens?

One tip for finding free manx kittens is to check the websites of manx rescue groups and pet adoption advertisement sites, such as the Tailless Cat Rescue and Adoptapet.com. Another tip is to look for rescued manx kittens at local animal shelters and humane society chapters.

The Tailless Cat Rescue is dedicated rescue group for manx kittens and cats. The rescue sometimes waives the cats’ adoption fee to make it easier to find a home for its rescued cats. Discounted adoption fees are often available under certain conditions. Adoptable cats are already spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.

Kittens and cats also have lower adoption fees compared with puppies or dogs.

Some humane society chapters, such as the Wisconsin Humane Society, offer fee-waived adoptable cats on certain days and months every year. Most of the cats with waived fees are already adults, though some may still be less than a year old. The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission also holds yearly adoption events where it waives the fees for all cats and dogs.

Many humane society chapters and animal shelters also participate with the yearly Maddie’s Fund adoption event, a two-day adoption special where the Maddie’s Fund Foundation pays for the adoption fees of a select number of animals to help individuals who cannot afford the adoption fee. Most of the fee-waived animals are cats, increasing the chance of finding a free manx kitten or cat during the event.