What Are Some Tips to Finding Macaws for Adoption?

What Are Some Tips to Finding Macaws for Adoption?

Find macaws available for adoption through general animal adoption websites, such as Petfinder.com, or via local rescue groups. Some rescue groups specialize in birds, but macaws may also be available from municipal animal shelters at times.

Petfinder.com also lets users search for rescue groups in general, so you can use it to find nearby bird rescues. Municipal animal shelters may be able to refer adopters to private rescue organizations, even if they do not currently have any birds available.

Certain veterinarians are also a good source of information about birds in need of new homes. Some veterinarians specialize in birds or exotic animals in general, and can recommend rescues or other resources in the area.

Macaws are difficult pets; spend time researching their care before beginning the adoption process. Adoption groups screen owners carefully, so be prepared to show that you are able to give the bird the time and care that it needs. Large birds, including macaws, are also expensive, so you may also need to prove you can afford the animal.

Bird sanctuaries are common, but some do not adopt birds out to other homes. However, they may still be able to direct potential adopters to reputable organizations focused on rehoming birds.