What Are Some Tips for Finding a Good German Shepherd Breeder in New York?

What Are Some Tips for Finding a Good German Shepherd Breeder in New York?

To find a good German Shepherd breeder in New York, get a referral, ask questions, avoid untrustworthy breeders and visit the breeder. Getting a good German Shepherd is worth the time and effort it takes to choose the right breeder.

Begin by getting a referral to a breeder. A veterinarian is a good source of trusted, ethical breeders. Friends who own German Shepherds can provide information about their breeders. Dog shows and breed clubs also have details about reputable breeders.

After getting a referral, ask questions. Find out if the breeder specializes in show or working dogs. Ask about the condition of the kennels and about the dogs' registration status. Ask other people who have purchased dogs from the breeder about their experiences.

Untrustworthy breeders can cause problems for both the owner and the dog. Ethical German Shepherd breeders care about the future of the puppies they raise, so they may ask to be in contact after the purchase. Be cautious of a breeder who refuses future contact. Additionally, breeders who sell to pet stores may not be ethical. Untrustworthy breeders may sell sick, unhealthy dogs or dogs with behavior problems without reservation.

Finally, visit the breeder. Kennels should be clean with minimal feces present. The breeder should answer questions accurately and honestly. Visiting before selecting a German Shepherd puppy ensures a healthy dog and a good future relationship between owner and breeder.