What Are Some Tips for Finding Good Days for Fishing?


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The best days to fish are cloudy days with light rain immediately following a warm front, according to TakeMeFishing.org. The warm water brings fish to the surface to feed, and the rain makes it difficult for them to see beyond the water. Cloud cover brings fish out of hiding and into the open water.

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Determining the best times to fish involves observation of numerous factors, such as the season, location, time of day and weather conditions.

In the spring, fish bite most in the evening when the surface temperature of the water is warmer. In the summer when there is an abundance of natural food for fish to eat and high surface water temperatures drive fish into the cooler depths, fishing is a challenge. The best time to attempt it is in the early morning just after dawn. In the fall, the water temperatures cool, and fish once again bite in the evening.

Fish are light-sensitive, so fishing conditions are better in the morning and evening and on overcast days than at midday when the sun is brightest. On windy days, the best fishing spots are where the water blows toward the shore. As the wind pushes the water, the fish are transported as well.

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