What Are Some Tips for Finding Cheap Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale?


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Rescue groups are a good source of inexpensive Labrador puppies. While adult dogs do end up in rescues more frequently than puppies, Labrador puppies can be too energetic and difficult for some owners, who do surrender them.

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Inexpensive Labrador puppies may cost more in the long run. Labradors can carry genetic diseases, such as hip dysplasia, which can cause large veterinary bills as the dog ages. Unethical breeders may also send puppies home with parasites, infections or other illnesses that can be expensive to treat. Dogs with poor temperaments may require extensive training. Good breeders health-test their dogs to minimize the risk of inherited disease and try to create dogs with good temperaments, but they may charge more for their puppies than backyard breeders.

Although classified advertisements are not always a good source, some breeders who are still building up a reputation use them occasionally. Classified ads on specialist sites, such as those devoted to sporting dogs, may be safer. It is still important to thoroughly screen the breeder.

Pet-quality dogs are often less expensive than their show-quality counterparts. Buyers who just want a good companion should discuss that with the breeder and ask about pet-quality puppies. These puppies are often sold with a limited registration that does not allow breeding or conformation showing, but still allows the dogs to compete in sports and other fun activities.

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