What Are Some Tips for Finding a Free African Gray Parrot?


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Some tips for finding a free African gray parrot include looking for pet shops that offer rehoming services such as C&B Birds pet shop, looking through animal shelter classifieds on sites such as AdoptAPet or Petfinder, and locating African gray parrot rescue groups. It is often difficult to get a bird for free through animal shelters or rescue groups because there are typically adoption fees.

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When looking for free African gray parrots, it is important to remember that these parrots can live anywhere from 25 to 50 years, and ensuring that the parrot is in good health is paramount, according to BirdChannel.com. Any free African gray parrot should be examined by an avian veterinarian before the adoption is made final, reports Petfinder. If the bird has special needs, it will have higher medical costs.

It is also a good idea to learn more about the bird's treatment and care for before adoption. Ask the owner, rescue group, animal shelter or pet store to provide details about the bird's diet (seed or pellet versus fruit and vegetable), sleeping schedule and daily schedule. It is also important to ask why the parrot is waiting to be rehomed at an animal shelter, rescue group or pet store.

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