What Are Some Tips for Feeding Rabbits?


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Tips for feeding young and mature rabbits include providing a type of food they are used to eating in the wild, such as fresh greens and hay. If feeding rabbits pellets, choose high-quality pellets that are high in fiber. Another tip is to add new food gradually into the old diet, as a sudden change in diet can cause diarrhea to rabbits.

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The diet of a rabbit depends on its age. Baby rabbits need their mother's milk or a suitable milk substitute, such as goat's milk or Kitten Milk Replacer. After two to three weeks, they can take in pellets and nibbles of alfalfa. Baby rabbits should stay with their mothers or be fed milk in between solid food until they are eight weeks old to ease the transition from milk to an adult diet.

When the rabbits are seven weeks old, introduce unlimited fresh hay and some pellets to their diet. Fresh hay should be the primary component of a rabbit's diet and should be supplemented only by pellets, vegetables and fruits. Introduce the rabbits to fresh green hay, such as timothy or meadow grass, because these are gentle on the gut and have high fiber content.

Avoid bargain pellets made from nuts, corn or seeds, as a rabbit's physiology cannot digest fats and proteins in high doses that are usually found in such mixes. Always provide clean and cool water via a sipper bottle or a steady crock. Periodically check the crock or water bottle for buildup or blockage to ensure that the rabbits always have a source of clean drinking water.

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