What Are Some Tips for Feeding Hummingbirds?


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Some tips for feeding hummingbirds include using feeders and plants that are bright red, using ant guards to prevent hummingbird nectar from being contaminated, keeping the feeder clean and placing two or more feeders in strategic spots.

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Hummingbirds are drawn to the color red. Attach a red ribbon to a feeder if the color is not prominent or place the feeder among red flowers. Plants such as red begonias, lantana or salvia are hummingbird favorites.

Ants are attracted to the sugar water used to feed hummingbirds. Use ant guards as a barrier. The guards are specially designed cups that are placed above the feeder and filled with water that ants won’t cross. They can be purchased as a feeder accessory.

The feeder should be cleaned at least once every three days, more often if it is located in a sunny spot or when the weather is hot. The presence of mold is indicated by black spots in the feeder. The feeder should be cleaned and thoroughly scrubbed with a brush to remove it. Placing two or three feeders in different locations that are not within sight of each other can attract more than one hummingbird and prevent the birds from becoming territorial.

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