What Are Some Tips for Dog Weight Loss?


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According to WebMD, some tips for dog weight loss include reducing snacks and overeating, switching to diet dog food and exercising the dog. It is also important to schedule a visit to the vet before starting a pet's weight loss regimen to check for potential underlying medical conditions. PetMD notes that conditions such as hypothyroidism, often causes pets to gain weight.

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WebMD suggests that in order for a dog to lose weight, the owner needs to cut out the snacks, especially if the dog is getting them from everybody in the family. Sometimes this is unrealistic, in which case an owner should decrease the number of snacks or add healthy treats to the mix. For instance, vegetables or rice cakes make a good alternative to fattier foods.

Another tip for a concerned dog owner is to decrease portion sizes, WebMD states. A 15- to 20-percent reduction is generally sufficient. After eight weeks, the dog should be down to a healthy size. If a reduction in serving size is insufficient, an owner can try switching to diet dog food.

Finally, it is important for the dog to get sufficient exercise, according to WebMD. Instead of shutting a dog inside all day, an owner can take their dog to a doggy day care center or hire a dog walker. A dog needs from 10 to 15 minutes of exercise per day.

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