What Are Some Tips for Conditioning Game Fowl?


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Tips for conditioning game fowl include treating the fowl for parasites monthly and supplying the fowl with fresh water at all times. Another tip for conditioning game fowl is to exercise fowl regularly by rotating them in their pens so they can scratch the dirt and move around.

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Fowl water bowls must be kept clean and full. Clean the water bowls with bleach at regular intervals, such as once per month for average farms or weekly for larger farms. Do not rinse out the bleach residue, as it is not harmful to the fowl and helps to keep diseases and bacteria out of the water supply.

Treat the fowl for worms and other parasites at least three or four times per year. Most farms treat fowl for parasites each month and rotate the treatment or dewormer to prevent the parasites from developing resistance to one specific type of treatment.

Determine if the fowl is carrying excess fat by holding the fowl and feeling the area between the breast bones and the tail bones. Pinch the area; the area should contain the skin and a small band of guts. If the skin is not felt, then it means the fowl has excess fat blocking the area. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the fowl's food supply to help soften the fat inside its body so that it is easier for the fowl to lose weight.

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