What Are Some Tips From Cesar Millan, the Dog Trainer?

Some tips from Cesar Millan about caring for a new puppy include being the pack leader, walking the dog regularly and housebreaking early. He also has some great tips for housebreaking, including being careful about their feeding schedule and using positive reinforcement.

With a new puppy, Cesar Millan recommends letting the puppy know who the owner is from the very beginning; he advises against spoiling the puppy and letting it take charge. Visiting the vet early on is another recommendation. This gets the puppy used to visiting the vet and helps rule out any health conditions that might be an issue later on. Housebreaking early is very important to prevent bad habits altogether. Regular exercise, walking and play time are crucial for a learning puppy.

For housebreaking, Cesar Millan encourages setting up a routine right away. The dog needs to know the approximate eating times and potty times throughout the day. Set a routine for going for walks around the same time every day.

Feeding schedules should also be part of the routine. Food should be set out at the same time every day and not be left out for grazing. Take the puppy out to potty several minutes after it finishes eating to let the puppy relieve itself.