What are some tips for caring for teacup pugs?


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When caring for teacup pigs, make sure they have a blanket and a bed. Pigs love to snuggle and hide under a comfortable blanket for warmth and play. Blankets helps them to feel more secure. Teacup pigs may also drag their blankets around with them.

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Always provide a water dish the pigs can access at all times. Pigs drink lots of water to stay cool and hydrated. Teacup pigs are curious and intelligent and like to explore. Toddler-proofing a home is a good way to keep them out of places that may pose a hazard.

Begin litter box training early. Because pigs don’t like to climb over the edges of a cat box, a litter box with a low opening designed for dogs is better suited for them. Pigs love water. Put a kiddie pool in the yard to let them cool off on hot days.

Some pigs like the sound of music or the stimulus of TV. Both help to alleviate anxiety when the pigs are left alone. Teacup pigs bond strongly with their owners. Provide lots of love, attention and toys to occupy their intelligent minds.

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