What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Pet Hamster?


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The most important consideration for caring for hamsters is that Syrian hamsters must live alone while dwarf hamsters like to live in pairs. Provide the hamster with a wire cage, a ten-gallon aquarium with a wire top or a specialty cage with tunnels.

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What Are Some Tips for Caring for a Pet Hamster?
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Place the cage away from direct sunlight and drafts and line it with a bedding such as timothy hay or shredded paper. Be sure to provide the hamster with a wheel so that it receives adequate exercise.

Feed the hamster with hamster mix consisting of seeds, grains, cracked corn and pellets. Add fresh foods every few days such as grains, sunflower seeds, nuts, alfalfa pellets, spinach, lettuce, carrots and apples. Hamsters cannot have raw kidney beans, onions, raw potato, rhubarb, chocolate, candy or junk food. Provide fresh water through a suspended bottle with a drinking tube and change it daily.

Keep the cage clean by removing droppings and uneaten food. Give the hamster something like a twig or piece of wood to chew to sharpen its teeth. Acclimate the hamster to your hand by feeding it treats until it lets you pick it up. Once the hamster is hand-trained, let it play outside its cage on a daily basis in an enclosed area with no electrical wires or other potential chew-toys.

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