What Are Some Tips for Caring for Pet Budgies?


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Tips for caring for pet budgies include maintaining a clean cage supplied with bird-safe accessories, protecting the bird from environmental hazards, watching carefully for signs of illness and providing opportunities for social interaction. Budgies enjoy interacting with people, but if a bird must be left alone for long periods while the family goes to work, it is advisable to add a second budgie to solve the companionship problem and contribute to both birds' health and happiness.

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Budgies are long-distance fliers by nature, and they should be allowed time outside the cage to get some of the exercise that their bodies are built for. Before a budgie is permitted to fly freely, the area must be bird-proofed to avoid accidents. Cover up mirrors and windows to prevent the bird from flying into them, move plants and potentially hazardous materials out of reach, and make sure that outside doors stay closed while the bird is out.

As prey creatures, budgies must hide weaknesses from predators, and they are adept at disguising illnesses. It is important to observe and inspect the budgie regularly to detect any changes in behavior, plumage, appetite or droppings. Any of these conditions could indicate the beginnings of health problems, and they may require the services of an avian vet. A sick budgie requires immediate attention.

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