What Are Some Tips for Caring for Kittens 101?


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If kittens are with their mother, little care is needed to ensure the kittens are healthy as the mother takes good care of them and provides for all their needs, says the ASPCA. If kittens are orphaned, more care is needed to ensure that they are healthy. Kittens typically nurse exclusively for three to four weeks, so if the kitten is separated from its mother before then, feeding is critical.

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What Are Some Tips for Caring for Kittens 101?
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For kittens under four weeks, consider finding a foster mother to nurse the babies. If this is not possible, contact a veterinarian or clinic to learn the proper way to bottle feed a young kitten. Feed young kittens a commercial milk replacement. Do not feed a kitten cow's milk at any time as it is indigestible.

After four weeks, kittens can begin to eat other food; however, the food must be a high-quality kitten food to ensure their high protein needs are met. Mix the food with a commercial milk replacement to soften it. Feed kittens up to six times per day until they reach 6 weeks of age. From 6 to 12 weeks of age, feed them four times daily, and after 12 weeks, feed them three times daily.

Without a mother, kittens need to be kept warm. Use a heating pad to keep them warm, ensuring they are able to move away from it if they get too hot. Begin handling kittens when they are between 2 and 7 weeks old to begin socialization.

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