What Are Some Tips for Capturing Photographs of Eagles?


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When capturing photographs of eagles, research eagles’ behavior in advance, use a camera with powerful lenses, use binoculars to differentiate eagles from other birds when they are far away, and use a high shutter speed. It is prudent to ensure adequate lighting and set the camera to the ground level.

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What Are Some Tips for Capturing Photographs of Eagles?
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It is important to learn the behavior of the eagles, their habits and habitat to capture good shots. Eagles have a habit of relieving themselves before flying. A photographer can predict their movement and shoot a good flight photograph. When taking a close-up of an eagle becomes difficult, take a unique shot of the bird while in its habitat. Keep the ISO low to prevent digital noise from affecting the photographs.

Use the largest and fastest lenses and a tripod to capture great shots, as opposed to handheld cameras. Using a high shutter speed helps capture the action of the eagles in flight. A high shutter speed also helps capture the eagle’s wings. Due to its large size, an eagle flaps its wings about two times in a second. The lighting should be sufficient to capture clear photographs, and you should adjust focus toward a point where the light falls adequately at different times of the day to avoid blurred shots.

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