What Are Some Tips for Buying Teacup Persian Kittens?


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An important tip for deciding on buying a Persian Teacup kitten is to make sure it is sold by a certified breeder who is registered and licensed. Persian Teacup kittens that are raised in quality, caring catteries are typically healthy and more sociable.

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What Are Some Tips for Buying Teacup Persian Kittens?
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When searching for a registered Persian Teacup breeder, potential buyers should look for the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) symbol. Quality catteries must follow certain specifications, guidelines and standards that are put into place by the CFA. The Cat Fanciers Association has a strict policy and is diligent about investigating and looking into any concerns and complaints.

A licensed breeder is required to give the purchaser a written health guarantee that has been approved by a certified veterinarian. The health certificate should ensure that the kitten is free from any infectious diseases including FeLV, ringworm, and parasites and that all shots and vaccinations are up to date.

The breeder must also guarantee that the Persian Teacup kitten is genetically free from polycystic kidney disease, which can only be determined by testing both parents.

Purchasing from a local breeder is considered a preferable option, rather than choosing a kitten based upon its appearance from an online site. Visitinging a few local catteries allows the buyer to interact and get to know its personality before making a decision.

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