What Are Some Tips for Buying Savannah Kittens?


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Before buying a Savannah cat, buyers should make sure that they can legally own one. While the cats are legal in most parts of the United States, some individual jurisdictions restrict them because they are the result of breeding domestic cats with the wild African serval.

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Owners should consider whether they want an early cross or a later generation. A direct cross between a serval and a domestic cat is referred to as an F1 litter. Two F1 cats produce an F2 litter, and each subsequent generation is denoted by a higher number. F1 Savannah cats tend to be larger and have more wild behaviors, while later generations tend to be smaller and more similar to typical domestic cats. Even later generations are generally more active and energetic than domestic cats, however.

Buyers should look for reputable breeders. Good breeders thoroughly interview buyers before agreeing to purchases because they care what happens to their kittens. Buyers should be prepared to show that they have stable living situations, understand the breed and are prepared to make lifelong commitments.

A good contract is essential. Buyers should avoid any breeder who is not willing to provide one. They should also make sure they read and understand the contracts before signing, especially sections pertaining to health guarantees and what should happen if they can no longer care for the kittens.

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