What Are Some Tips for Buying Pigeons?


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Decide how you want to use the pigeons before you begin your search. If you simply want pets, a bird rescue is a good source for adoptable pigeons. People who want to compete in pigeon racing should take more time to find a high-quality breeder.

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Good pigeon breeders should be experienced in the sport and have successful racing birds. Find out the owner's reputation within the racing pigeon community, and ask about other people who have bought birds from that loft. Look at the racing records for birds that are owned by the breeder and birds that were sold to others.

Consider what kind of risks you want to take. Young birds are less expensive, but they are also riskier since even a good loft can produce birds that are not good racers. Buying hatchlings from a well-established breeding pair is generally less risky, but buying the offspring of young pairs can be less expensive and still result in a high-quality racing bird.

Pigeons need special housing and care, so prepare for the pigeons before taking them home. They need a safe, spacious cage that allows them to walk and fly. Outdoor cages need to be rodent-proof and secure. Pigeons are social birds that need a companion, so buyers should generally keep at least two.

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