What Are Some Tips on Buying a Goat?


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One tip for purchasing a goat is to do extensive research on different breeds and what goat ownership actually entails. A good way to do the research is to speak to local breeders and visit their farms. Determine if you have enough space to accommodate goats, if the zoning in your area allows you to house them, and if you have adequate fencing and protection from predators.

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Determine the type of goat you wish to purchase, and buy more than one animal. Goats are herd animals that require the company of their own species. Begin by focusing on quality rather than quantity. Start slowly, and gradually build the herd by becoming familiar with the goats that are available and learning about how each seller manages them.

Shop around for a reputable breeder. Ask the breeder lots of questions such as the age of the goat, why it is being sold, if is registered, if it is easy to handle and if it has a history of health problems. Examine the goat carefully for signs of lameness or eyes that are dull. A healthy goat should have a coat that is shiny and not dull or rough. The tail should not be tucked.

Make sure that you have planned a shelter that is adequate. It should be large enough, secure and sturdy, because goats are jumpers. They also require shade and shelter from the rain. You should not leave them outside during the cold winter months and you should insulate their shelter in colder climates. The shelter needs to have a bed of straw, grass or hay.

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