What Are Some Tips for Buying a Friesian Gelding?


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When buying a Friesian gelding, look for black horses with no coat markings that are within the height range of 155 to 180 centimeters. Other desirable factors in a Friesian gelding include a thick mane and tail, feathering and a congenial temperament.

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When purchasing a Friesian gelding, ensure it has a long, arched neck and a thick, healthy coat. Ideal Friesian horses have a high-stepping gait and good musculature. It is also important for the gelding to be friendly towards humans and be able to get along with other horses. Friesian horses have feathering, or long hairs that grow on their legs, that is considered desirable and is kept long. Look for Friesians with a lot of neatly trimmed feathering around the fetlock.

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