What Are Some Tips for Buying Friesian Cross Horses?


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Some tips for buying Friesian cross horses include conducting a health exam as the prospective buyer, arranging for a veterinarian to conduct a health exam, arranging for a rider or a trainer to evaluate the Friesian's riding level, and looking at import paperwork if the horse was imported into the country. If a horse has been imported, it can take three months for the horse to fully adjust to its new surroundings.

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While it is always wise to have a veterinarian perform the health exam on the Friesian cross horse, prospective buyers should also perform a basic health exam. This basic health exam should include checking the horse's eyes through a flinch test, checking the mouth for sores, checking for aligned teeth and seeing if the feet can be picked up. The basic health exam should also include looking for swelling around the feet, head, neck and chest.

Verify any and all paperwork associated with the horse. Friesian cross horses have ancestry from the Netherlands and Germany, which means that the horse's pedigree may include foreign details that should be checked for authenticity. The Friesian cross horse should also have its stated riding level accessed by a professional rider or trainer. Some sellers may state that their Friesian cross is able to ride at a higher level and unless the buyer can ride at this level, the buyer cannot authenticate the seller's claim. A professional rider, however, can determine whether or not the horse can ride at the stated level.

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