What Are Some Tips for Buying Cornish Rex Kittens?

Tips for buying Cornish Rex kittens include finding a reputable breeder, researching the breed thoroughly and getting details about a particular kitten's personality and temperament before making a decision. Another tip is to seriously consider whether or not getting an adult Cornish Rex cat is preferable to getting a kitten because kittens require more work and tend to be destructive.

One important tip for purchasing Cornish Rex kittens is to find a reputable breeder, either online or by asking a local veterinarian for a recommendation. Identify reputable breeders by noting if they raise kittens in their own homes and perform all the necessary screenings to rule out genetic health problems. Reputable breeders also refuse to sell kittens to pet stores and wholesalers.

When buying a Cornish Rex kitten from somewhere other than a breeder, it may take a while because they are rare and not always available at shelters and pet stores. Check local shelter websites regularly to avoid missing a Cornish Rex kitten if one enters the facility.

When purchasing a Cornish Rex kitten, make sure to have a contract with the seller so that both parties understand their rights and responsibilities regarding the pet. Before committing to buy a particular kitten, find out vital information from the seller, including whether or not the kitten has any health issues, if it is litter-trained, if it has ever bitten or scratched anyone, and what its personality is like. Other important details to find out before buying a kitten are what its energy level is and how it normally acts around other animals and people.