What Are Some Tips for Buying a Colony of Bees?

What Are Some Tips for Buying a Colony of Bees?

When establishing a bee colony, start small and expand the hive as you gain experience. Check local bee forums for availability and decide on the type of bee to keep. Different species have different characteristics, with some bees being better honey producers

Not all bees produce enough honey to be harvested. A common type are a three-pound package of Italian bees that includes the queen. Buy the bees from an established provider and have the queen marked so that it is easily identified or request that it be mailed separately. Bee packages usually contain 9,000 to 22,000 bees. Notify your local post office if they bees are to be sent via mail.

Bee hives should be placed facing south or southeast, away from pets and neighbors and in an area that encourages healthy flight patterns. The hives should be in a sunny spot, close to a wall so that the bees can fly up and over it. Provide a block from wind and drafts, and place the hive in close proximity to shrubs and plants. Make sure that it is not placed on damp ground, as this can encourage disease,

Bees like and are attracted to the color lavender. They are also drawn to buckwheat. The hives should be placed close to an area of abundant nectar and pollen. A water source that contains a place to land such as wood or rocks, should also be provided.

Beehive equipment is available online at BrushyMountainBeeFarm.com. This site hosts a full line of beekeeping supplies for the beginner. Products include a beginner’s kit with complete hives, protective clothing, frames and hive components.