What Are Tips for Buying a Canary?

Some tips for buying a canary include choosing a bird that is very energetic and active and making sure not to buy a bird that is in the process of molting. Molting is a very stressful period of time for canaries, and adding the stress of moving into a new home to the equation could result in serious health complications or death.

Another important tip is to ensure the canary comes from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders usually have their birds on exhibit, as they are usually concerned with breeding only the highest quality of birds and maintaining very good breeding stock. If none of the birds are on exhibit, then visiting the grounds and ensuring all birds are healthy and the facility is clean is the next best thing a person can do. Additionally, people can research which breeders are part of the Model Aviculture Program. These breeders traditionally require extensive veterinary care for all of their birds and have strict disease control procedures in effect.

Also, potential canary buyers should ensure they are purchasing the correct gender of bird. If a person wishes to hear a canary sing, for example, then she should buy a male, as only the male of the species sings. A person should buy females if singing is not a concern or for breeding purposes.