What Are Some Tips for Buying Bee Hives?


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A tip for planning and buying a beehive is to assess your surrounding area. If you live in an environment that is subject to high winds, a wooden bee hive, rather than one that’s made of polystyrene, is best, as they are heavier and can withstand higher winds without damage.

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Another consideration is budget. If you have basic carpentry skills, there are lots of free bee hive plans available for download. You may also want to consider purchasing used equipment. Browse ads, or join a local bee club to connect with people who may be selling their hives.

Before purchasing a hive, research local beekeeping ordinances and check to see if there are any regulations. A local county extension office is the best place to start. If you live in an urban area, plan and research the type of bees suitable for this hive location. Gentle bees such as Buckfast, are good for beginner beekeepers. They are good pollinators and are easier to handle.

When buying bees, it’s best to start small with 3 to 5 pounds of bees that are mailed to you in a screened in box. Make sure the area around the hive is fenced in. The fence should be about 8 feet tall and should be made of wood. Fences that are too low do not offer adequate protection for people who may pass by, as low-flying bees may end up in their direct path.

Also, tell your neighbors that you are raising bees, and inform them of the hive location. Purchase safe clothing, and make sure to wear it.

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