What Are Some Tips for Beginners About Raising Bobwhite Quail?


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Tips for raising bobwhite quail includes storing eggs in a clean incubator able to provide constant temperature control and providing chicks with moisture absorbent litter. Litters that contain sawdust may produce respiratory problems. Use game bird starter feed for chicks that are between 1 day and 6 weeks old, and use a game bird developing feed for mature birds.

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Bobwhites kept away from their natural habitat are more likely to suffer from illness. Stress caused by overcrowding, insufficient food and water, or brooding environments that are not kept at optimum temperatures often leads to illness. Proper handling is also important to ensure bobwhites do not suffer injury. Hold birds by the neck between the first and second finger while the rest of the fingers support the weight of the body. Never hold or handle birds by the legs, wings or head.

When releasing mature bobwhites back into the wild select locations that provide abundant cover, food and water. Brood chicks near release areas whenever possible. Bobwhites are typically old enough for release between 8 to 10 weeks of age. Release bobwhites voluntarily, one to two at time and in the early morning. Positioning a bird feeder near the release site may ensure a smoother and more successful transition.

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