What are some tips for adopting a yellow lab?


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Some tips for adopting a yellow Labrador include planning to be home as much as possible for the first few weeks after adoption, creating a shopping list for items the dog may need and deciding which vet to use. Also, getting the dog micro-chipped and changing over its information to reflect the new owner is recommended.

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What are some tips for adopting a yellow lab?
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Being home as much as possible during the first few weeks after adoption of the Labrador is very important because it is during this time that a bond and routines are set with the dog. Before the dog is allowed to explore around the house and outside area, gates and fences should be put in place and/or reinforced, and any holes through which the dog may escape should be covered. In terms of a shopping list for the pet store, some items that may help during the early stages of the adoption include food and water dishes, a dog bed, play toys and dog shampoo. Choosing a trusted vet and setting up an initial appointment is a good way to start a relationship that can last through the dog's life.

Signing up for training classes with the dog also helps to establish a bond with it. If taking the new pet to dog parks or beaches is an option, the dog should be properly socialized before going.

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