What Are Some Tips for Adopting a Sugar Glider?


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Be sure you can afford a sugar glider before adopting one, as they require a specialized diet and regular care from an exotic animal veterinarian. Do not adopt a single sugar glider; they are colony animals and need to live in groups of two or more. Sugar gliders are nocturnal, so be prepared for nighttime noise and activity. Adopt a sugar glider only if you can commit to long-term care of up to 15 years.

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Though similar in size to hamsters, sugar gliders require more care. Sugar gliders cannot eat dried food pellets and require a daily diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables. They also need access to running wheels and toys made specifically for them and require more cage space than hamsters.

Sugar gliders typically bond with their owners, but this process takes up to a year and requires patience. They do not make good pets for children, as they are highly active, do not enjoy sitting still for long periods of time, and bite if threatened.

Adopting a sugar glider through a breeder allows you to be fully informed about your glider's lineage. Adopting through a rescue group is typically cheaper, but you must do enough research to ensure you are working with a reputable organization. Sugar gliders are sometimes available very cheaply through websites such as Craigslist.org, but these animals may have undiagnosed health or behavior problems.

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