What Are Some Tips for Adopting Free Small Puppies?


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Before adopting a small puppy, try and find out information about its parents to have an idea of its current and potential health, as well as behaviors and its expected size as an adult. Set up the house before bringing the puppy home.

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Information about the parents is important when adopting a puppy, because the puppy often inherits behaviors and looks. Though a majority of puppies appear small, most do not stay that way once they reach adulthood, so be prepared to accommodate a larger breed, or do research on which breeds remain small, such as miniature poodles or chihuahuas.

Before bringing the puppy home, create a designated area for the puppy, including a crate, a food bowl and a water bowl. If there are other pets in the house, consider slow introductions to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Try to not encourage destructive behaviors, such as chewing on slippers or excessive howling. Start training the puppy as early as possible to establish good behavior.

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