What Are Some Tips for Adopting Sheltie Puppies?


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New adopters should plan to provide a quiet, low-stress environment for their Shelties for the first week or two. The new dog needs to meet any other dogs in the home in a quiet, neutral place, such as a quiet park, to help the introductions go smoothly.

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Shelties can be shy and sensitive dogs, so new owners should use positive training methods on them. This is especially important for housebreaking if the rescued Sheltie is not housebroken. Owners should avoid punishing the dog for relieving itself in the house, especially if they do not see it happen. Instead, they should focus on rewarding the dog for going outside and managing the dog's freedom until it is reliable.

New owners should recognize the signs of a nervous dog. Some signs of excitement, such as restlessness and panting, can also indicate fear if they are excessive. Shelties may be hesitant to eat or may have diarrhea from nervousness. If the dog is visibly nervous after the first day or so, the owners should contact the rescue or a veterinarian for assistance.

Shelties need special supervision around children, especially at first. They are a herding breed, so they may try to chase or nip young children.

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