What Are Some Tips for Adopting Poodle Puppies?


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Adopters should first consider which kind of poodle is right for them. Standards are ideal for active people or families who want a dog that can keep up, while toy poodles are good for older and less active people. Miniatures are more energetic than toys, but require less exercise than standards. Toys may not be suitable for homes with young children because they can easily be injured by accident.

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Puppies require a great deal of time and patience, and they may not be suitable for every household. Many people who want young puppies should consider a slightly older puppy or young adult instead. Adopters who want a calm dog may want to consider a senior dog.

Those interested in adopting should develop a plan for caring for the dog in advance. Young puppies need to go outside frequently and need constant supervision when they are loose in the house to prevent accidents and chewing. All dogs do well with structure and consistency.

Poodles should be brushed every day and bathed regularly, so puppies need to start learning to tolerate that as soon as possible. Adopters should also visit a veterinarian shortly after bringing the puppy home to make sure it is healthy and to discuss other routine care, such as eye and ear care.

Puppies can be troublemakers and are easy to injure by accident, so supervision is required when they are around young children or older dogs.

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