What Are Some Tips for Adopting a Goldendoodle?


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The best tip for adopting a goldendoodle is to make sure the dog is coming from a reputable rescue organization. A good rescue knows how to match pets with the right homes and provides behavioral support and advice.

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What Are Some Tips for Adopting a Goldendoodle?
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Goldendoodles are a popular designer breed and are frequently bred in puppy mills. Some of these puppy mills use false advertising to make themselves look like responsible breeders or even rescue organizations, and they use terms such as "adopt" instead of "buy." Adopters need to look for a nonprofit rescue with a good reputation.

Buyers should be aware that there is a lot of variety in appearance and temperament, since many goldendoodles come from irresponsible breeders. Adopters should be honest with the rescue organization about things such as their activity level, dog owning experience and any special requirements. All goldendoodle owners must be prepared to spend time training and exercising their dogs, especially because goldendoodles are known for their intelligence and social needs.

Adopters find goldendoodles at both breed-specific rescues and general dog rescues. Searching sites such as Petfinder.com can help locate adoptable goldendoodles. Adopters may also wish to search for golden retriever and poodle mixes because some shelters may not be sure of the mix. Reaching out to goldendoodle breed organizations and clubs also helps interested people locate available goldendoodles, as does asking veterinarians, groomers and other professionals.

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