What Are Some Tips for Adopting an English Bulldog?


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One tip for adopting an English bulldog is to adopt from a bulldog rescue group. Breed-specific rescue groups know the standard temperament, living condition and medical requirements of bulldogs, and can match each dog well with interested adopters. Another tip is to make sure that your state, city, neighborhood or building does not have any regulation regarding the adoption of English bulldogs.

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Because of their build and short face, English bulldogs are prone to many ailments during their lifetime. Adopting an English bulldog from a bulldog rescue ensures that the dog already has a medical record and is receiving proper treatment for any health issue. Most dogs from a rescue facility are also spayed/neutered, microchipped, have the latest vaccine shots, and have been evaluated for temperament. Many rescues also give vouchers for free veterinary checkups when you adopt a dog in their facility.

Although English bulldogs are considered calm, friendly and gentle natured, some cities or states may include the English bulldogs from the list of banned breeds to adopt, breed or own due to their resemblance with pit bulls. While this is a misunderstanding, it is still best to check with your local government office if there is an existing ban towards owning or adopting an English bulldog. If you live in an apartment building, make sure that your building allows English bulldogs or pets in general inside your apartment.

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