What Are Some Tips for AAHA Microchip Look Up?


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Visit the AAHA's pet microchip lookup website, and enter the nine-, 10- or 15-character microchip ID without punctuation or spaces. Do not include the microchip type code or manufacturer name. Review the list of registries returned and begin by calling the first company listed in the "Enrolled With" box.

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The AAHA universal microchip lookup tool checks the databases of participating pet microchip registries to determine which service has information available for a given microchip. The website lists the relevant services in chronological order, beginning with the most recently updated registry. Begin by contacting this first registry, and then work your way down the list until you find the registry service that corresponds to the microchip ID.

The website does not include the identities of pet owners, but it does connect the user with pet registries who can provide that information. If the search does not turn up any pet registries when the microchip ID is entered, the website provides the microchip manufacturer or distributor.

The AAHA website is intended to eliminate the guesswork involved for shelter staff or veterinarians attempting to contact the correct pet registry after scanning a lost animal's microchip. Since there are many microchip manufacturers and registries using different databases and technologies, this tool helps users determine which registry to consult first.

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