When Is the Best Time to Neuter a Dog?


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It is generally believed that the earlier a dog is neutered, the better it is for them, and the easier it is for the dog to make a quick recovery from the surgery. Most dogs are ready to be neutered at around two months old, and many veterinarians recommend that they be neutered at least by the time they are six months to one-year old.

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Some veterinarians still recommend waiting to have a dog neutered until they have hit puberty and begun to become sexually mature, Those who advocate waiting typically believe that neutering a dog when he is too young can have adverse effects on their rate of growth and development.

Testosterone plays an important role in a male dog growing and maturing as it should, which is why many vets think that neutering a pet at too young an age can cause problems with its development. Still, it is best not to wait too long to have a dog cut, as it becomes much more difficult for his body to fully adjust to the change once the animal reaches full sexual maturity.

The exact age at which a dog should be neutered also depends on the specific breed, which is why owners should ask a vet for his recommendation.

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