Where Do Tiger Sharks Live?

Tiger sharks live in both open and coastal ocean areas at depths as low as 460 feet. They are commonly located in tropical and sub-tropical waters such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, Australia and New Zealand.

Tiger sharks are nomadic, following warm currents all over the world. In addition to their common areas, they are also sighted in locations such as Indonesia, India, Cape Cod and even as far north as Japan. The sharks go where water is warmer and their food supply flourishes.

Since tiger sharks can live to be 50 years old, one shark may travel all over the world during some part of its lifetime. With an average size of 20 to 25 feet and an approximate weight of over 1,900 pounds, the shark is drawn to locations that have an abundance of food. Because of this, the tiger shark can often be seen close to shore during warmer months. While the tiger shark is not uncommon, the harvesting of its fins, flesh, hide and livers for their perceived benefits makes their re-population rate very low. Because of this, the shark is on the near-threatened list throughout the areas of the world where they are found.