What Do Thrushes Eat?

There are many species of thrushes, and all have diets consisting of a combination of insects, berries and seeds. The specific plants and insects a thrush eats vary by region. They tend to feed mostly on insects and berries in the spring and summer and seeds during the winter.

The varied thrush is a species that is common in the western United States and Canada. It lives in damp, mossy forests and feeds on the insects and berries found within these forests. In the winter, varied thrushes can be seen along roadsides and lawns, where they are typically searching for seeds. They do most of their foraging on the ground, seeking brush for cover when possible. Females use twigs, moss and leaves to build nests in the bases of tree trunks, and both male and female birds feed the young.

Another common type of thrush is the wood thrush. Found in eastern North America, it is most prevalent in forests containing American beech, maple, eastern hemlock and oak trees. Their diets consist largely of fruits like fox grapes, blueberries and elderberries, although they also eat small invertebrates, such as worms. They pre-soften both fruits and worms before feeding them to their young. Wood thrushes build their nests in the lower branches of saplings and shrubs.