What Are Three Ways to Build a DIY Aquarium Stand?


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Three types of DIY aquarium stand to build include those that provide full bottom support, partial support for only the bottom edges of the aquarium and double aquarium stands. The type and size of aquarium in need of support is an important factor in deciding what kind of stand to build.

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Acrylic aquariums, especially medium to large tanks, require full bottom support because acrylic bows without proper suspension. This is a fairly simple type of stand to build as it requires only four supporting sides with a full top piece to support the aquarium, and a full base to provide stability to the structure and prevent wobble. Glass aquariums are more rigid that acrylic, and they do not typically require full bottom support. Instead of a full top piece, stands for glass aquariums only require a lip around the top edge, which is wide enough to accommodate the tank. This type of aquarium requires more care in measuring.

If a full bottom support stand is longer or wider than necessary, it still supports the tank, but if a bottom edge support stand is too wide or long, the aquarium slips through the center. It is also possible to build a stand that accommodates two aquariums. These can be either full support or edge support. Double tank stands are most often open on all sides, with four legs or struts supporting the aquarium shelves. However, it is possible to enclose one to three of the sides as long as it does not impede access to the lower aquarium.

It might be desirable to build a stand to include extra shelves or with cabinet space underneath. In this way the stand becomes a piece of furniture with more utility than simply supporting the aquarium. Be cautious if storing supplies or dry goods underneath a stand, in case the aquarium leaks.

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