What Are Some Facts About the Thorny Devil?


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The thorny devil, also known as the thorny dragon, thorny lizard or the moloch, is a unique lizard found in Australia. His skin is covered in spikes that lend him his name and allows him to camouflage himself in the Australian desert. The rigidity of his body allows him to collect water in the crevices formed by his spikes and transport liquid to his mouth.

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The female is slightly larger and paler than the male, while the male is a more pronounced shade of red. As his body temperature drops, the thorny lizard's color darkens slightly. He is also able to change his color slightly based on the soil he is crossing as a way of avoiding detection. He has evolved a fake head on the back of the neck that he uses to mislead and confuse predators. He only grows to be 20 centimeters in length, weighing no more than a mouse.

The thorny devil's diet mostly consists of ants. He eats thousands per day, lapping them up with his sticky tongue. During the night he collects water and moisture from dew drops.

This lizard can squirt blood from his eyes, hitting targets up to 10 feet away. He can also puff his body up to frighten away any predators.

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